Sources for external research grants – led by Barney Dalgarno and Lisa Given

Thursday 9 May, 2013

The session was facilitated by Barney Dalgarno and Lisa Given, with a special guest appearance from Lisa McLean.

The following is an overview of the session:

1. Welcome and overview (Barney)

2. Categories of Research Funding (including a brief overview of the way in which grants in the various categories contribute to the university’s research block grant funding from the federal government drawing on information at ) (Barney)

3. ARC Funding Schemes (Lisa Given)

4. OLT Funding Schemes (Barney)

5. The Australian Competitive Grant Register (drawing on the information available at  but with a particular focus on funding sources relevant to educational researchers) (Barney Dalgarno)

6. Using Research Professional to identify other funding sources (Lisa McLean)

7. Issues to consider in choosing a grant source (Lisa Given)

8. Questions and Discussion

Click below for the audio recording of the workshop:


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