About the Group

The Technology and Teaching Practice Research Group is a group within the Teacher Education Research Priority Area (TERPA) within the Faculty of Education at Charles Sturt University.

The research undertaken within the TTPRG focuses on new ways of thinking about educational problems in a 21st century context in which technologies have become ubiquitous in all aspects of learning, teaching and living. The group undertakes interdisciplinary research within three overarching problem areas, captured by the following questions:

• What are the implications of the ubiquitous presence of technologies in educational settings and in our everyday lives?

• In what ways can learners and teachers harness the affordances of technologies to improve learning?

• What role can technologies play in research informed transformation of educational organisations and teaching practice?

The following diagram portrays a conceptualisation of this research problem space:

TTPRG_Research_Themes_clearerWithin this problem space, researchers in the group draw on a range of research paradigms and methodological approaches including qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods and engage in deep explorations of the ways in which conventional methods can be evolved and improved to best address the problems explored. This focus on methodologies and methods leads to a fourth question (or meta-question):

  • Which accepted and innovative educational research methodologies and methods can best be used to address the above questions and how can these methods be enhanced through the use of emerging technologies?

More details:

Click here for ‘Activities’

Click here for ‘Group Members’


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