Group Members

IMG_1519_CSU_profile_picBarney Dalgarno (leadership team)
Associate Professor of Education
BSc ANU, GDipEd MAppSc Canberra, PhD Wgong

My journey as a teacher probably began in 1980, when I participated in a ‘cross-age tutoring’ program as a year nine English student. I was struck by the intellectual and social challenge of teaching long division to a struggling year five student, and achieved a great deal of satisfaction upon my success. My career prior to commencing as an academic included periods where my primary focus was the application of my Information Technology (IT) skills and periods in education and training roles. These education and training roles included private tutoring, workplace training, secondary teaching and academic staff development. My teaching approach and philosophy developed substantially through these roles as well as through formal study towards a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Research Masters and PhD focussed on Technology and Learning and have continued to develop through 10 years as a lecturer at CSU.
My research can be divided up into two distinct streams, an applied stream, which focuses on the application of technology to teaching and learning in primary, secondary and higher education, and a second stream, which addresses fundamental questions relating to the learning process. Projects which fit into the first category include a cross institutional project funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council titled Educating the Net Generation: Implications for Learning and Teaching in Australian Universities, and earlier work involving evaluations of 3D learning environments and paperless marking. Projects fitting into the second category include the application of functional brain imaging methods, specifically functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to questions about interactivity and cognition in multimedia learning environments, and a series of studies exploring the relationship between attention, active exploration and spatial learning in 3D learning environments.

lgiven_picLisa Given (leadership team)
Professor of Information Studies
BA, BEd, MLIS, PhD University of Western Ontario

Lisa M. Given is Professor of Information Studies and a member of the Research Institute for Professional Practice, Learning and Education at Charles Sturt University (Faculty of Education, Wagga Wagga). She is also an Adjunct Professor in Humanities Computing (Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta, Canada) and an Adjunct Professor in Educational Policy Studies (Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, Canada). A former Director (and now a Distinguished Scholar) of the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, Lisa holds research grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) and other agencies. She has received numerous research awards and has published widely on topics related to individuals’ information behaviours and qualitative inquiry. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Institute for Research in Computing and the Arts. Lisa received her Ph.D. in Library and Information Science from the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada.

Christina_DavidsonChristina Davidson (leadership team)
Senior Lecturer (Education)
PhD (UQ); MA (TESOL) (UTS; BEd (SACAE); Dip Teach (Primary) (RCAE)

I have taught in primary, secondary and tertiary education contexts. My first teaching positions in schools were in Wagga Wagga and I later taught in Catholic schools in Sydney for over a decade. I began teaching in higher education in 1993 and taught at the UNSW, University of Ballarat and Central Queensland University before joining Charles Sturt University at the beginning of 2010. My current position is Senior Lecturer.

During my career I have made a number of significant contributions to the various institutional systems where I have been employed. I was the President of the Primary English Teaching Association and Chair of its Board of Directors from 1996 until 2000. At the University of Ballarat I was an elected member of Academic Board (1999-2004) and Deputy Chair of it Curriculum Committee (2003-2004). In that capacity I chaired a number of external reviews of academic programs. During 2008 and 2009, I represented the Queensland Deans of Education Forum on the Queensland College of Teachers’ panel for approval of teacher education programs in Queensland. Currently, I am Chair of the School of Education Research and Professional Learning Committee.

My research examines the social activity of young children in literacy classrooms and during computer activity in the home. I am a conversation analyst and so analyse young children’s social interactions using recordings of their naturally occurring activity. Transcript development is an important aspect of my research work. I have published papers on transcription in qualitative research, including a review of the transcription literature published between 1979 and 2009. My most recent publications have examined young children’s use of computers. The youngest child in the study was aged two years and eleven months. I examined his use of online programs such as Wikipedia and Youtube. I am currently a chief investigator on a large Australian Research Council Discovery project: Interacting with knowledge, interacting with people: Web searching in early childhood. Professor Susan Danby (QUT), Professor Amanda Spink (QUT), Professor Karen Thorpe (QUT) and Dr Christina Davidson (CSU).

Jacquie Tinkler
BEd MEd Melb

Jacquie Tinkler is lecturer in ICT in Education and Technology and Applied Studies at the School of Education , Wagga Wagga. Her research interests are in the areas of teacher professional development in the use of ICT in the classroom, education policy and thinking and creativity using ICT in education. Ms Tinkler has taught IT and art in secondary schools in North East Victoria and has also spent several years teaching adults IT and Multimedia. Currently she is teaching in the area of integrating ICT into the curriculum.

Troels Lange
Senior Lecturer

MA Roskilde University, Denmark

Troels Lange is currently a senior lecturer at School of Education, Charles Sturt University. He has previously worked as a senior lecturer at VIA University College, Denmark in teacher education and as a lecturer at VUC Skive, Denmark (Adult Education Centre).

Troels’ research areas of interest include: children’s perspective on mathematics teaching and learning, mathematics education and multiculturality and socio-political perspectives on mathematics education and mathematics education research

Penny Stephens
BAppSc CQU, GradDipTeach MEd QUT

Penny Stephens is a Lecturer in Science Education K-6 at CSU. Her Master of Education (Environmental and Social Education) focused on the professional development of teachers in Environmental Education through action learning programs. She has twenty five years pedagogical experience as a primary, secondary, tertiary and teacher educator in science and environmental education. Her current research interests are in learning and teaching with IWBs and other ICTs in science education and integrating Education for Sustainability in teacher education curricula. Penny is currently facilitating a teacher professional development project which aims to integrate ICTs and Education for Sustainability into stage 3 Science curriculum.

Maria Bennet

DipT, RCAE; GradCert (SpecEd), MSpecEd, CSU

Currently working with literacy project  involving 2nd year pre-service education teachers in three community homework centres.


  • EED 111 Child Development
  • EED 212 Inclusive Education
  • EPT 114 Primary Practicum
  • EPT 214 Primary Practicum
  • EED 313 Managing the Learning Environment
  • EED 211 Educational Psychology
  • EML 200 English 1


Wendy Goff

Dip Chn’s Services (CIT), BEd (University of Canberra), Grad Dip Psych (ECU), MEd(ECU)

Wendy commenced her teaching career in Canberra where she worked in a variety of Early Childhood and Primary School settings. Upon moving to Victoria Wendy commenced work as a Primary School Teacher and later joined Monash University where she lectured in the Bachelor of Education and Graduate Diploma Programs. Throughout her career Wendy has worked extensively with schools to develop a variety of intervention and support programs targeting the social welfare needs of children and families.

Wendy holds a Bachelors Degree in Education from the University of Canberra, a Graduate Degree in Psychology from the Edith Cowan University, and a Master’s Degree in Education (Educational Leadership) from Edith Cowan University. This year Wendy will embark on a PhD where she will explore how the utilisation of student representations within the mathematics classroom enhances mathematical connections and mathematical outcomes.

Wendy’s research interests include mathematics education, inclusive practice in tertiary settings, utilising popular media to engage and re-engage adolescents, mathematical pedagogy, inclusive education, ICT and teaching and learning.

Alan Bain
Associate Professor in Education

Alan is a school reformer and the author of over 40 publications in education including The Self-Organizing School: Next Generation Comprehensive School Reforms. This book presents a new theory and practical account of school change that focus on the meaningful use of inclusive practice and technology at all levels of the school. He has held faculty positions at the University of Western Australia, Lehigh University and Charles Sturt University where his teaching and scholarship in inclusive education has been recognized with awards at the faculty and university levels. This includes a University-wide teaching award from the University of Western Australia. Alan has three decades of experience as a reformer that includes managing change from the classroom in rural Australia and leading a comprehensive school reform initiative based on inclusive education practice as Associate Head of School at Brewster Academy in the US. His work at Brewster influenced multiple state-wide computer initiatives across the US and was recognized with the national “In the Arena Award” from the US Center for Digital Government. Alan advises leaders about school change and technology and has consulted with legislatures, schools, education systems and industry including Apple and Dell Computer Corporations, the Hong Kong Education and Manpower Bureau, Iowa State Legislature, Independent Schools Associations of the Central States and Virginia, the US National Governors’ Association, and schools in Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The Bahamas, Thailand and the United States. His work has attracted over 2 million dollars in grants throughout his careers as an academic and school reformer.

Trisha Poole
BIntBus Asian Studies (QUT), MAppLing TESOL (Macq)

Trisha joined the staff at CSU Bathurst in 2009. She is lecturing in Teaching English as an Additional Language at the School of Teacher Education. Trisha is currently engaged in teaching about language as social practice, teaching English to speakers of other languages, cultural pedagogies, and TESOL curriculum methodology.

Trisha has gained experience in teaching most recently in Brisbane, and before this, has spent eight years teaching overseas. She taught in South Korea at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Wonkwang University as an ESL professor, together with some experience in Vietnam. Her linguistic skills have been enhanced by visiting many overseas countries and immersing herself in the local language and culture, since her first sojourn at age 15. Being a photographic enthusiast, she has a wonderful pictorial record of her various cultural experiences.

During her time in South Korea, Trisha developed her interest and skills in the area of e-learning, leading the way for her fellow academics to expand their use of new technologies. She has a growing interest in course writing, having enjoyed the freedom of construction of her teaching materials in South Korea. Trisha is a decisive advocate for the principles of life-long learning and is currently undertaking study in the area of Life Coaching and preparing to commence her PhD studies.

Amongst Trisha’s passions she would list scuba-diving, travelling, cycling, reading, and photography, with an increasing interest in cooking.

Jennifer Munday
Lecturer in Arts and Technology
DipMus Melba Memorial Music Cons., ATCL TrinityCollLond, GDipArtsEd Phillip I.T., GDipMEdStud Vic Coll, MA(VPA)C.Sturt.

Jenni is currently based at the Ontario campus of CSU, working in the Ontario School of Education.  Jenni has held two fellowships from the Flexible Learning Institute in order to facilitate the Course-wide introduction of ePortfolios into the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary), one of the Faculty of Education’s flagship degrees.  She co-chairs the Faculty of Education Flexibile Learning Working Group with Barney Dalgarno; and, represents the Faculty of Education on the University Human Research Ethics Committee.  A key focus of her educational research is to explore innovative learning and teaching through blended and flexible tools and technologies.

In Ontario Jenni combines her teaching in BECS (Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies) and BPES (Bachelor of Primary Education Studies) at CSU with creative work with Flush Ink Productions in Kitchener.  Jenni also currently holds the position of Vice-President on the Board of Trustees of the International Center for Women Playwrights.

Before coming to Charles Sturt University, Jenni taught in pre-school, secondary and primary schools in Melbourne in the areas of media studies, music, visual art and drama, as well as working professionally as an actor and musician.

Lincoln Gill
Senior Lecturer
B Ed (TAS) CSturt, GradCertMulti&OnlineLearn CSturt, MEd (IT) CSturt

Lincoln is a Senior Lecturer in Technology and Applied Studies based within the School of Education on the Wagga campus. Prior to coming to CSU he worked in retail, sales, and construction, and is a qualified carpenter and builder. Lincoln completed his B Ed TAS (IT major) in 2001 and has close to 10 years experience in the field of educational design. This work included a focus on curriculum design, pedagogy, and professional development and support for the use of educational technologies. Completion of a Graduate Certificate in Multimedia and Online Learning and a Masters in Education (IT) extended knowledge in these areas. He is now taking on the role of course coordinator of the B Ed (TAS) program.

Jen Thompson

BSocSci NE, GDipEd GradDipPsych WAustIT MA (Professional Communication) Deakin

Jen has taught in Northwestern Ontario, Western Australia and New South Wales and is a registered Reading Recovery teacher. She began lecturing in Literacy at the School of Education, Charles Sturt University in 2007. She holds a Master of Arts (Professional Communication) degree and is currently completing a Doctor of Creative Arts through the University of Technology Sydney. Her initial Social Science degree and two postgraduate degrees are in the disciplines of Psychology, Education and Counselling.

Jen began writing professionally in 1992 as a scriptwriter for CBCRadio and TVOntario. Thirty five of her children’s television scripts have been produced and many have aired in Canada, Ireland, Namibia, China and Australia. Her program ‘The Wall’ was nominated for a Gemini Award for Excellence in Children’s Television Broadcasting in 1994. Jen has written for ABC Television (Playschool) and ABCRadio. She has had a number of short stories and poems published in anthologies in Australia and Canada. She has edited three books: Cybertale (an anthology of fantasy writing by young authors), Lines from Barellan (oral histories and poems from the Barellan museum writing workshops) and FourWEleven (an anthology of prose and poetry). In 2004, she wrote The Shakespeare Ladies: A history of the Wagga Wagga Shakespeare Club to mark the centenary of the oldest Shakespearean reading club in the world.

Her current research project, ‘Cyberwriters’, explores digital writing in a variety of genres with creative writers of all ages from Primary School to adult. Jen has worked in community and school workshops with the Museum of the Riverina, Booranga Writers Centre and Broken Hill Writers Centre on projects to bring creative digital stories to publication. The Cyberwriters project was presented at the Toronto Reading Conference and included in the Canadian textbook, Books Media and the Internet: Children’s Literature for Today’s Classrooms, (2010) Shelley S. Peterson, David Booth and Carol Jupiter (Eds.) Winnipeg: Portage and Main.

Lauren Carlson
Research Assistant
BEd (Hons) CSU

Lauren Carlson is a Research Assistant with the School of Education at Charles Sturt University. She is currently involved in research projects in the areas of active exploration and attention focusing strategy effects on spatial learning in a simulated virtual environment, the use of 3D virtual worlds for tertiary teaching and learning and African refugee students’ educational success in Australian rural and regional settings. Lauren holds a Bachelor of Education (Primary) from CSU, in which she graduated with first-class honours. Lauren is responsible for updating and maintaining the blog and twitter account for the Teaching and Technology Practice Group.

Laurette Bristol

Laurette Bristol (PhD) is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Research Institute for Professional Practice, Learning and Education (RIPPLE), Charles Sturt University, Australia. Her current research interests revolve around the application of postcolonial theory as a theoretical and methodological framework for educational research practices in the Caribbean; the leading and learning practices of Early Career Researchers and early career principals; the transformational practices of prospective and beginning teachers and the use of social networks as a space for professional development through community encounter.  Email:

Judy O’Connell

Personal Website

Judy O’Connell teaches a range of subjects in Information Studies and Teacher Librarianship. Judy joined CSU full-time in 2011. In Sydney Judy was previously Head of Library and Information Services at St Joseph’s College; Library and Web 2.0 Consultant with Catholic Education, Parramatta Diocese, Western Sydney; Head of Library and Information Services, Hills Grammar School; Director of Information Services, MLC School, and Curriculum Co-ordinator and Teacher Librarian at Bethlehem College. Judy provides keynote presentations and conference sessions, seminars and workshops at national and international level for library, education and technology organisations.

 Janet Buchan

Manager Educational Design & Media (for Faculty of Education), Division of Learning & Teaching Services, Charles Sturt University

Janet Buchan is a Manager Educational Design and Media (EDM) in the Division ofLearning & Teaching Services (LTS) at CSU. Based in Albury, she heads up the Faculty of Education EDM team of educational designers and media development coordinators.

Janet specialises in the use of educational technology and is involved in the research and evaluation of learning technologies for use at CSU, and provides professional development for staff in the pedagogical application of technology. She also assists staff to design and develop digital media resources.

Janet has professional memberships and active involvement of Ascilite, ODLAA and ALT UK and she has presented at conferences of all these associations. Her research interests include the management of sustainable learning environments and she has published in the area of educational management and online assessment.

Andrea Crampton
Sub Dean – Learning and Teaching

Dr Andrea Crampton is Sub Dean Learning and Teaching within the Faculty of Science at Charles Sturt University. Her two key research areas are ‘analysis of independently managed drinking water and ‘effective use of technology to support teaching’. In 2009, Dr Crampton received a ‘Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award’.

Kay Owens
BA(Syd)  TCert MEd (Syd), PhD (Deakin), GULT (CSU)

Kay Owens chose a lecturing position at Charles Sturt University in Dubbo in the School of Teacher Education in 2003 after serving for 15 years at the University of Western Sydney where she was a Senior Lecturer. During that period she gained her PhD in mathematics education on young children engaged in spatial problem solving.

Kay has a long career internationally with 15 years in Papua New Guinea where she held a lectureship in mathematics at the PNG University of Technology and a Head of Department position at Balob Teachers College. She was also selected for a Swedish lecturer exchange to Gothenburg University for the enhancement of tertiary education in that country and for a Masters Course at the Inter-University Institute in Macau. Kay has continued her research working with colleagues in Papua New Guinea and Sweden with a focus on ethnomathematics (mathematics, language and culture) and space, geometry and measurement education. Her international projects have been funded by USA National Science Foundation, AusAid and her universities’ competitive grants while her local and state projects have had funding from state and federal governments and non-government agencies and her universities.

She has worked recently with local regional schools especially on quality teaching projects and with the Indigenous community. She has undertaken several studies evaluating education initiatives and held a number of professional positions as President, Vice-President, editor and Executive member.

Her current university teaching interests are early childhood and primary mathematics education and sustainability (HSIE) education, cross-curricula subjects and integration of Information and Communication Technologies in teaching. She also teaches educational research subjects. She is a member of the University of Goroka Glen Lean Ethnomathematics Centre, PNG, and the CSU Curriculum, Policy and Change research group.

William Adlong
Educational Designer
BGenStud CSturt, MA (Social Ecology) WSyd

William began working with the Division of Learning and Teaching Services in 1999 (then CELT). He has an interest in education for sustainability, research of practice and collaborative reflective processes or action research to promote academic development. William has completed a Masters in Social Ecology and is currently enrolled in a PhD program with a focus on facilitating change towards a more sustainable society and economy. He spent 2009 and 2010 on secondment as the Manager of CSU Green to contribute to the establishment of the University’s new sustainability office. William also enjoys assisting academic staff adopt technologies that enhance the learning experience of students.

Philip Uys
Ph.D., Grad.Cert. Univ.L&T., B.Comm.Hons., B.Comm., Adv. Dip. Tertiary Teaching

Dr Philip Uys is the Director, Strategic Learning and Teaching Innovation at Charles Sturt University in Australia. In this position he has University-wide responsibility for evaluating new educational technologies in terms of their impact on learning and teaching and he plays a leading role in adoption and implementation of new technologies and methods. He has expertise in the strategic implementation and management of elearning, mobile learning, educational technology, distance education and educational change both in developing settings (Botswana and South Africa) and in developed environments (New Zealand and Australia). He has built up his expertise through international consulting, contract and permanent engagements as well as through many years in tertiary education and the IT industry. He has worked in change and knowledge management over the last ten years. More information at

Richard (Jianxin) Liu
BA (NU, China), MEd & PhD (Sydney)

Richard (Jianxin) Liu is a lecturer in Literacy and ESL Education in the School of Teacher Education at CSU.  Richard’s research interest spans the areas of literacy education, applied linguistics, discourse studies, and social inquiry. He also has a strong interest in participatory social media, the Internet, and educational technologies. Since late 2011 Richard has been working on a project titled ‘Social participation, transformations and evolution in digital China: a critical analysis of the Chinese blogosphere’ funded by the Toyota Foundation to explore the impact of the Chinese blogosphere on social stratification and gender in China. He has also been involved in a project titled Teaching for and with cultural diversity coordinated by Ninetta Santor0 in which he explores the relation between regional school multiliterate practices and cultural diversity in Australia and China.

Lyn Hay
Lecturer in Teacher Librarianship
BADipEd (Macq), MAppSci (TL) (CSU)

Lyn is a Lecturer with the School of Information Studies and a CSU Flexible Learning Institute Teaching Fellow. Lyn works from CSU’s Canberra campus. Before moving into academia, Lyn worked as a teacher librarian in NSW central schools and high schools.  Lyn teaches across a number of areas including teacher librarianship, learning technologies and social networking, and information policy. In the past few years she has completed a number of scholarship in teaching projects exploring the integration of a range of technologies in subjects taught by the School of Information Studies, including the ‘SIS Learning Centre in Second Life’ project and a CSU Flexible Learning Institute (FLI) Fellowship project.

Lyn’s research interests include the impact of school libraries on student learning, teacher librarian-principal partnerships, information behaviour, information policy, and education informatics, and she is currently completing my doctoral research on Web 2.0 technologies and student learning. She has also been working on projects dealing with school library futures and the concept of an iCentre in schools.

Lyn is the recipient of a number of professional awards including the ASLA Citation in 2007, the ASLA(NSW) John Hirst Award and the IASL/SIRS Commendation Award. She has presented at numerous conferences including regional, national and international conferences, including keynotes and invited speaker presentations, and has written a number of journal articles, book chapters and papers (see Publications for a selection of these).

Lyn’s professional website:


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