Activity Theory – led by Barney Dalgarno

Thursday 17 April, 2014

This session focused on ‘Activity Theory’ and was led by Barney Dalgarno. The session agenda was as follows (please click on the underlined text for a copy of the presentation slides):

  1. Introduction to Activity Theory – Barney
  2. Discussion
  3. The use of Activity Theory as an analytic lens – Christina
  4. Discussion
  5. Overview of how Activity Theory is planned to be used in the three PhD projects:
    1. Louise Ohashi
    2. Lincoln Gill
    3. James Purkis
  6. Discussion

The readings below formed the basis for discussion and further thinking about this topic:

Kaptelinin, V and Nardi, B.A. (2006). Activity Theory in a Nutshell. In Acting with technology: Activity theory and interaction design. MIT Press, 29-72.

Nardi, B. A. (1996). Studying context: A comparison of activity theory, situated action models, and distributed cognition. In Context and consciousness: Activity theory and human-computer interaction, 69-102.

To listen to the audio recording please click the link below:

Alternatively, if you wish to download the file to listen at a later date, ‘right click’ the link below:



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