Monday 14 November, 2011

The November meeting of the Technology and Teaching Practice Research Group was a literature discussion on the topic of Scaffolding.

Three articles around the topic of scaffolding were discussed. The first was Wood, Bruner and Ross (1976) in which the concept of scaffolding was first introduced. The second by Pea (2004) critiques the way that the term has become used, arguing that some uses of the term refer to other types of cognitive support which should not be referred to as scaffolding. Pea’s delineation has particular relevance for some ways in which the term is used in the context of technology mediated environments. To further illustrate this, an optional additional reading by Mark Lee and Barney Dalgarno (2011) proposes a framework or classification scheme for scaffolding in technology mediated discovery learning environments.

The references are below:

Lee, M. J. W., & Dalgarno, B. (2011). Scaffolding discovery learning in 3D virtual environments: Challenges and considerations for instructional design. In S. Hai-Jew (Ed.), Virtual immersive and 3D learning spaces: Emerging technologies and trends (pp. 138–169). Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference.

Pea, R. D. (2004). The social and technological dimensions of scaffolding and related theoretical concepts for learning, education, and human activity. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 13(3), 423–451.

Wood, D., Bruner, J. S., & Ross, G. (1976). The role of tutoring in problem solving. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, and Allied Disciplines, 17(2), 89–100.

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