Preparing Primary Teachers: A design project that integrates Science and Technology using interactive whiteboard technology

Friday 9 April, 2010

Penny Stephens, School of Education, CSU, Wagga Wagga

Shirley Sinclair School of Education, CSU, Wagga Wagga

Presentation by Penny Stephens

 Presentation Summary

When challenged to design and make a primary science teaching resource for use on an interactive whiteboard, a group of B. Educ. (Primary) second year preservice teachers produced a wonderfully creative collection of learning activities that demonstrated their own learning of the design-make-appraise learning process, pedagogy, curriculum, scientific conceptions, reflective practice and ICT skills.

The preservice teachers were encouraged to create an electronic resource (in smart notebook) for inclusion into a unit of work that used the 5Es teaching learning model as a framework. Which stage of the teaching learning cycle was left to the discretion of the preservice teachers. What they created was a range of learning activities for primary science that could engage students, explore and explain scientific concepts and elaborate and evaluate students’ learning. But, was this a ‘rich’ and  ‘authentic’ assessment task for preservice primary teachers which provided evidence of their developing science technological pedagogical content knowledge or was it just ‘making science games for kids’? You be the judge! Certainly in their journal writing the pre-service teachers  told stories of their learning which may sound familiar to other teachers trying to extend their own professional learning to effectively use interactive whiteboards in their science teaching practice. This seminar is an opportunity to share the preservice teachers‘ ideas, resources and thoughts. This pilot research project is being used to inform the ongoing development of EMS308, the second Science and Technology curriculum method subject in the B. Education (Primary) course at Charles Sturt University.

Group members present:  Wendy Goff, Trisha Poole, Lyn Hay, Maria Bennet, Tasmin Meaney, Troels Lange, Barney Dalgarno and Lauren Carlson.

Click here for the transcript

Click below for the audio recording

Alternatively, if you wish to download the file to listen at a later date, ‘right click’ the link below:



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